Semantic decomposition of documents

The purpose of this service is a semantic decomposition of the documents for any given target group - e.g. the professional public (in particular laws, strategies, concepts, methodologies, or manuals).

Using advanced analytical tools and approaches, we identify everything important in the analysed documents and web sites - e.g. concepts, definitions, descriptions, rights, obligations, procedures, facts, evidence, formulas, or designs (so-called semantic entities). If entities are not labelled, we will label them and subsequently classify, address, link, and display them.

The output of this activity is a dictionary of all semantic entities identified in the document or the web site with appropriate labels and internal addresses. The output can be in the form of a text file, an excel spreadsheet, a database, a presentation, or a tree of knowledge.

Examples include a decomposition of laws into regulations for entrepreneurs, a glossary of definitions from laws, an overview of the rights of citizens, the duty of legal persons in the area, or a set of solutions for the life situations.